How Cantor Forensic Accounting, PLLC Can Help You

Concise Schedules & Trial Reports Related To:


  • High net worth cases
  • Income determination for spousal maintenance and child support
  • Business valuations
  • Separate property tracing
  • Community waste claims
  • Marital standard of living (lifestyle analysis)
  • Stock option analysis
  • Income tax issues related to a divorce
  • Community interest in residences


Services to Assist at Trial or Other Proceedings


  • Trial testimony as an expert witness.
  • Sitting  down with you and reviewing financial documents to help you better understand the financial picture of the issue at hand in your divorce proceedings.
  • Assisting you in the preparation of deposition and/or cross examination questions related to financial issues.
  • Help prepare subpoenas to ensure that the necessary documents are requested.   ​
  • Working with you to prepare concise, easy to follow Exhibits that better explain your position or rebut the opposing side’s position on financial issues.
  • Assist with the preparation of Court required financial filings.
  • Attend Meetings, Depositions, Settlement Conferences or Trial to be there to confer with you on financial issues as they arise.      ​
  • If you are a Mediator/Arbitrator or Conciliator, we can be present to help you obtain a complete understanding of the financial issues at hand.


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